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Download Fortnite – What is the average download size of Fortnite PC?

What is the average download size of Fortnite PC? It’s really hard to give you an exact number. This game requires a computer with high speed internet connection.

The download size of this game depends on the size of the PC memory. If you have a slower-speed internet connection, you will have to download it with much more time and effort. So if your internet connection is not so fast, download the game with minimum effort.

For the people who are fond of playing games on the PC, then the size of this game will not affect them much. If you are not a huge fan of downloading this game, then you can actually download this game in a matter of minutes. But if you are fond of this game, then it is advisable for you to download it in a matter of minutes. You can know how to download fortnite here.

What You Should Know

If you are planning to download the game for PC, then you should know that you should be very careful when downloading any program. There are various virus and spyware infection on a PC that will damage the computer. So you need to download the software from an authentic website and make sure that the files are safe. If you are using free hosting service, then you might risk getting infected by malware or virus.

You can also download the game through the web browsing, which will save some time and will also give you more comfort. However, the download speed of this game will vary from one website to another, so you need to make sure that you will get the same speed of downloading the file from different websites. You might also want to know about Fortnite APK v13.40.0.

More Alternatives

There are numerous gaming websites available on the internet and you can choose to download the game from one of them. You can then join in a discussion forum to find out what other people have to say about the download speeds of the game.

It is always wise to make sure that you will get a free trial of the game so that you can test it out first before downloading the full version. Once you have downloaded the game, then you can download the rest of the required stuff in the internet and can start enjoying the game right away.

If you are a heavy PC player, then the game will require you to download several codecs and games along with the game. You might need some extra memory and space in your computer to download these games.


PayPal Login: How to Activate PayPal Cash Card

Login to Paypal

If you’re into e-commerce, you might have probably heard of the word “PayPal.” This is an online service that allows users to send money, pay bills, and accept payments from other people. It has been widely used all around the world, that’s why there is no doubt that it is popular.

In case you are already enrolled to PayPal, this article will guide you on how to login to PayPal. This will allow you to enjoy all the features provided by their service. 

The good thing about PayPal is it offers PayPal Cash Card—sort of a debit card which is linked to your account. However, this is not automatic for you still have to activate your card. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the guide below.

How to Activate PayPal Cash Card

For those who haven’t created their own account, you can easily do so. Just go to the official website of PayPal and click on the Sign Up button. Now, the next step to fully enjoy your account is to connect it with your card. Here’s how:

paypal login
  1. First, go to and login to your account.
  2. Upon logging in, you will be directed to the My Account preview. 
  3. From here, click the Activate Card button to finally link your account.

Another way to activate your card is through their mobile application. You can do this by following the steps below:

  1. To start, download their mobile application from the play store.
  2. Next, login to your account and tap on Settings icon located at the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. Select PayPal Cash Card from the options and enter the necessary information.
  4. Finally, tap on Activate Card.

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After going through these steps, you’ll now be able to use your card immediately. 

If you still have questions or queries, don’t forget to leave a comment at the box below. We’ll make sure to get back to you the soonest time possible.

We take the privacy of our consumers’ information as one of the most trusted things that people look to Paypal for, because when it comes to financial services, the single most important brand attribute you can have is trust.

Dan Schulman