So I come all the way around the world and what’s on the televisions in the Frog & Firkin in Vancouver on Friday night?

AFL. Live.

And Collingwood no less. Collingwood are a bunch of bogans!

Anyway, for a couple hours in the bar I got to pretend to be an AFL/NRL/Union expert in front of all my Canadian friends. I think they are now more confused about the differences between the sports than they were before. Oh well. Some of them, however, do have a firm understanding of the term ‘bogan’ now. Which is nice. I don’t watch the AFL when I’m in Australia yet I found myself somewhat drawn to the game when it was on TV here in Canada. Odd.

Anyway, it’s been a great few weeks. Amanda and I spent ten days in Boston in addition to our time in Vancouver (where I still am). Every time I go back to Boston I come away even more impressed by the city and that part of the US. And not only because I saw two games at Fenway while I was there. It’s a beautiful part of the country (even if it’s not the West Coast) and the people are so warm and friendly.

And my family…oh man. They keep me so entertained!

(Hope your honeymoon went well Catherine and Chris! Congratulations again!)